Residential or Commercial

  We offer granite counter top installations for both home & business in the Northern VA/Washington D.C area.  Our staff are friendly, knowledgeable & ready to help with any questions or concerns you may have! 

  We offer granite counter fabrication/installations for kitchens, bathrooms, basements, bar areas, outdoor areas, fireplaces, custom table tops & more. We even have one of a kind granite lazy susans, granite table tops/stools & granite artistic pieces at our Sterling location available to purchase. We can also take custom orders if you are looking for something special or unique! Just give us a call or send an email to request an appointment time to stop by.

 Your First Step

  Once you decide that you want granite in your home or business the first step is to choose which type of granite you like. There are many different colors to choose from that are mined & shipped from all over the world. The cost of the granite you choose depends on several different factors such as where it is mined, how easily it is to fabricate, its availability & quantity of the specific type of granite.

  You can visit one of our distributors show rooms to view large granite slabs & make your granite choice. We regularly work with several local granite distributors such as Cosmos Granite & Marble, East West Marble & MSI Stone all located in Chantilly, VA.

  We also have a granite sample wall & granite remnant pieces available for smaller jobs such as bathrooms at our Sterling, VA warehouse location that you can view in person. At our warehouse you can make an appointment to meet & discuss possible granite options with us first before going to one of the granite distributor showrooms to view larger granite slabs.

Once You Choose Your Granite

  When you decide which granite choice you want, your next step is to get measurements of the area where you want the granite installed. G.G.G. offers estimates from your project blueprints and/ or drawings. You can call, fax or email them to us at

  If measurements cannot be provided we can schedule an in home estimate for you after you have made your granite choice. Before your granite installation is scheduled, our professional fabricators will come to your location for exact measurements & templates.

Time It Will Take

 We have a very quick turn around time! Once your measurement is made & your estimate is given your installation can be completed normally within a few days to one weeks time once we receive an initial deposit. The time it takes depends on current weather conditions, size of your job & our current work load. Most installations take approximate 2-4 hours to complete.

Fabrication & Cost of Job

  All fabrication & polishing of your granite surface is done at our location in Sterling, VA. Once your granite is cut, shaped, sanded & polished your granite will be ready for delivery & installation!

  The total cost will depend on the size of the job, granite choice, number of sink cutouts, granite edge profile & the cost of a sink. If you purchase a sink through us you can view our sink catalogs from which we have a nice selection to choose from at a discounted price.

  We offer free removal/disposal of old counters & keep our pricing fair & easy to understand without extra unnecessary or hidden charges. We accept cash, check or credit/debit cards as forms of payment. Half a deposit is due to begin your job & the final deposit is due the day of the installation.

Our Services


Other Granite Projects & Smaller Jobs

  G.G.G. can also do many other types of granite projects throughout your home or business besides the kitchen and bathroom counters. For smaller jobs, we keep a stock of smaller granite pieces at our warehouse for our customers to choose from if their job is too small to purchase an entire slab of granite. We can offer granite for desktops, basement bar areas, small vanities, fireplaces, tables, mantels & more! Just schedule a time to stop by to see our current granite selections.

Edge Profile

  There are several different types of edge profiles to choose from. The price varies depending on the difficulty & time it will take to do the edging. One of the least expensive edges is the Pencil Round Edge which is slightly more rounded. One of the more expensive edge profiles would be something like the Ogee Edge which is more time consuming to fabricate & also takes a special router to make.          

  During this process a diamond embedded blade is used to cut the granite while water is used to cool the tools keeping the dust to a mininum during the process. If you desire this type of edging the extra cost is well worth the beauty and lines of the finished product!

Cleaning Your Granite Surface

  Using a mild soap & water solution or using a mild (non-acidic) cleaner such as Windex is the best way to clean your granite with a dry cotton towel. Avoid using harsh or abrasive chemicals/cleaners or citrus/vinegar type cleaners as they can remove or etch the finish. You can seal all stone surfaces once a year with an appropriate stone sealer if you want to. However, it is not necessary with most granite.

Why Choose Granite?


  Granite is an extremely hard, scratch resistant & heat resistant stone. The only surface harder is diamond which is why it makes granite nearly impossible to scratch & is so durable. Granite's resistance to heat makes it possible to take dishes straight from your oven and put them on your granite surface without burning it.

  Granite comes in many different colors/multi-colors & textures to chose from. Granite is beautiful & will add value to in any home or business. It is a natural stone & because of this it may not look uniform as a man-made product would. Granite is created naturally over hundreds even thousands of years in the earth. This makes every slab of granite mined unique in appearance.